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Your 10K race day nutrition plan


Confused about race-day fuelling? We’ve got it sussed to help take the stress 1xbet tanzania login out of what to eat and drink before your 10K!

The week before your race

There’s no need to load up on carbohydrates the week before your 10K race. But do make sure your evening meal the night beforehand contains a generous portion of starchy carbohydrate, such as pasta, rice or potato, along with some vegetables and a small amount of protein.

Race-day nutrition

On the morning of your 10K, eat the race breakfast you have practised in training, such as porridge, toast and jam, or a bagel and honey, and make sure you leave enough time to digest it – generally around two hours. Have a fruit and yogurt smoothie if you find it hard to eat breakfast on race day. Above all, try not to compete on an empty stomach football bet prediction.

Make sure you drink at least 250ml of water in the two hours or so before the race, stopping about 15 minutes before the start. You could also gulp some sports drink or try taking a gel just before the race starts, although if you decide on this strategy, do practise this before your long training runs first. During the race itself, stick to water and drink according to your thirst.

Recovering from your race

Make sure you get a good start on the road to recovery by eating or drinking something within 20 minutes of finishing – the sooner the better. Check out your race goody bag – it will contain a 9bar, which is a top refuelling snack.

Sports recovery drinks and bars contain carbohydrate and protein in the 3:1 optimum ratio, and are a good choice post-race football prediction tips today. Alternatively, try chocolate milk or a sandwich with egg or chicken. Don’t forget to drink enough water to rehydrate. The amount you need varies according to each individual; drink enough to produce pale-coloured urine. Finally, tuck into a well-deserved meal within two hours of the finish, making sure it includes some carbohydrate, protein and vegetables. Cheese and tomato pasta, chicken and mushroom risotto, or fish with new potatoes and green veg will all hit the spot. Enjoy!

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